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There are three main drilling areas in Nigeria, all similar, but all using different specific pipes, and it varies by company.  In general, there is offshore, swamp and onshore.  A lot depends on the depth of hole and the type drilling they are doing.  For example, plain drill pipe can be anywhere from standard 4 1/2″ through 5 1/2″, Grades E-S.  Each well is designed differently.

For example, just part of this offshore Nigeria package took one of the first high-pressure drill pipe riser for intervention systems (DPRIS) to the African deep water market in 2009.

Since July 2010, the string has been used offshore Nigeria. A total of 20 runs have been performed with this DPRIS for the installation of four trees. These trees have had no cleaning issues and no rust debris impacting operations.

Proper operating procedures have allowed for safe and efficient subsea DPRIS runs to date and provide confidence in future runs (38 more trees are planned).

The pipe delivered as part of this project are drill pipe risers with a proprietary double shoulder connection and featuring a gas-tight metal-to-metal seal on the inner shoulder.

The standard offer for high-pressure drill pipe riser (DPR) is 6 5/8 in., 0.5 in. wt and X-95 grade. VAM Drilling suggested a change to a thick wall for corrosion allowance and higher grade for tensile strength, 6 5/8 in., 0.625 in. wt and G-105 grade.

The qualification program covered all remaining requirements for full compliance with ISO-13628-7.

The DPRIS system delivered in West Africa is a cost-efficient solution for subsea operations, workover applications and well intervention.

Figure 1 shows drill pipe riser specifications for the West Africa project. Better deployment control and extended depth capability were among the project drivers.

The field lies offshore Nigeria, approximately 100 km south of the Nigerian coastline. Water depth ranges from 660 meters to 820 meters. Field owners include operator EPNL-TOTAL and its partners Chevron, ESSO and EPNL-Nexen.
This is typical of the specificity and complexity of a well drilling plan.

And this is only one part of the drilling and production tubular plan.  You can see that it is almost impossible to predict what exactly they want, so it has to some from the operator, Shell, ExxMob, BP, etc. They publish tenders from time to time, and in your case should be most helpful in assisting you in finding some basic pipe to supply.

Your target should be common drill pipe, tubing and cases, generic sizes and grades used by nearly all of the operators. You can review with me the other more expensive and higher performance type pipes, and we can go after those that have a high probability of gaining an order.  But for sure, the operators dictate on this, including NNPC.

I’ll get you a general outline of what they typically use, but the best is to get it directly from the oil company. I can get access to the drilling  programs, but that does not accomplish the goal of getting orders from the operator, as those will have to go through your Nigeria local content company.

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