Ultra High Purify Gas


Welcome to AGPGC Gas Division of our highly partners Millennium Global, with our partners, we develop specialty gases for semiconductor and electronics applications. As a worldwide supplier of semiconductor gases, our product line includes pure gases, gas mixtures and related equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing applications. In addition to supplying pure gases, gas mixtures and equipment (including gas cabinets and custom equipment) to the semiconductor industry, AGPGC Gas Division has pioneered new semiconductor gas technologies like distillation purification processes for gases such as Tungsten Hexafluoride (WF6). State-of-the-art instrumentation and proven analytical methods yield superior characterization of key contaminants for semiconductor gas products such as argon, ammonia, boron dichloride, chlorine, helium, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, nitrous oxide, and oxygen and tungsten hexafluoride. Use this site to review some of our past semiconductor installations for pure gases, gas mixtures and related equipment or to request a sales call.

Pure Gas Products
Pure gases and liquids are listed alphabetically. Each product includes useful technical information, available cylinder sizes with pressures and contents, along with appropriate safety information. Recommendations for regulators purge panels and gas cabinets are also provided for safe handling of the product. Many of our listings include a product shelf life period that has been thoroughly tested and documented. A number of products such as helium and nitrogen are sold in a gaseous state. Others such as hydrogen chloride and nitrous oxide are sold as liquids. For liquid-state products, vapor pressure at 70°F and boiling points at one atmosphere are included in product listings. Complete vapor pressure curves are available upon request. Each gas listing includes a specification table detailing total purity as well as guaranteed maximum concentrations of critical impurities. We have made every effort, based on input from our customers, to establish meaningful specifications for both purity assays and impurity specifications.


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