Gas Projects

Gas Projects:

Cabinda Gulf Oil Co. Tombua Landana, Block 14, Angola

Engineering Procurement and Construction for a 25,000,000 Am3pd  Natural Gas metering skid unit for installation on the Tombua Landana offshore platform, block 14, Angola. Custody meter skid built to API specifications and Chevron International specifications and delivered to DSME in Seoul, South Korea to be installed on the platform before being transported to Angolan waters. The AGPGC & PARTNER engineering and project management team worked closely with and coordinated all activities to bring this project in under budget and well within the scheduled time frame.





Gas Processing Plant

Gas processing plants are a group of single process units offered by AGPGC & PARTNER including a great deal of proprietary process and component manufacturing know-how. They serve for the purification and separation of gas mixtures. Cryogenic separation technology and physical or chemical scrubbing processes come into application for these units that frequently are inquired by engineering companies implementing them as single units within a larger contract plant. Independently end users may install them as supplement to existing gas generation facilities.


Gas processing plants are to a large extent based on AGPGC’s proprietary process and production know-how. The units are tailored to the individual application and requirement of the client. Plant design and scope of supply will typically include several proprietary equipment items produced in the AGPGC’S partners workshops. Frequently such equipment will be assembled in the workshop and supplied to site as a modular unit.

Gas Refrigeration Packages

AGPGC partner designs, manufacturers and services Special and General Purpose Refrigeration Systems for critical service applications.  Standard offering include:

Process Gas Refrigeration Systems:  up to 400 metric tons @ required pressure using Process Gas as Refrigerant such as Propane, Propelyne, and Butane

Industrial Refrigeration Systems:  up to 400 metric tons @ required pressure using Standard Refrigerant such as R22, R134A, and Amonia

 Gas Conditioning Skid

AGPGC partners designs, manufacturers and services Special and General Purpose Gas Conditioning Systems for clean air service applications.  We  offers the oil and gas industry increased productivity and efficiency while maintaining compliance with all environmental regulations. When it comes to your business, we offer a powerful resource and a recipe for success.

EnviroPure  DEHYDRATION  Systems (EPS)
MGI designs environmentally compliant Dehydration Systems and is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of these systems. EPS is used for dehydration of natural gas and in rying hydrocarbon streams. The primary advantages of using EPS equipment include:

  •      Cost efficiency with annual savings of $50,000 to $90,000 per well over standard TEG units.
  •      Simple, safe operation with no open flames minimizing well worker injuries.
  •      Compliance with all present currently proposed environmental rulings.
  •      Gas efficiency – No gas is burned to operate our units.
  •      Low maintenance – enviroDRI requires infrequent refilling and is disposed of with normal field salt water.

Dew Point Reduction Systems are designed to operate with a “pressure drop” design reducing gas temperatures to the point it separates from condensate liquids. The liquids are then recovered and sold generating additional revenue for the well operator.

Typical gas bottling process showing the fill stations inside the bottle filling carrousel. Also shown is a typical gas delivery vehicle that will service the clients customers​