Filters are critical in maintaining equipment in every aspect of the energy industry. AGPGC Oil Field Supply, has supplied filters for filters for Exploration, Water Flood, Fuel Conditioning, Storage and Refinery Processes.


AUTOMOTIVE FILTERS                                                         CARTRIDGE FILTERS
Air, Oilbath & Dry  Type                                                          Coalescing
Filters                                                                                       Oil Disposal
Gasoline                                                                                   Steam Generators
Hydraulic Oil                                                                            Water Flood Injection
Lube Oil                                                                                    Fuel Conditioning
Natural Gas                                                                               Dehydration
Transmission                                                                             Particular Removal, Sweetening

REPLACEMENT ELEMENT                                                       FILTER STYLES
Auto Industry                                                                            Full Flow
Construction                                                                              High Temperature
Marine                                                                                       In Line
Off Road Vehicles                                                                      Primary & Secondary
Turbine Engines                                                                         Rotary Filters
Water Makers                                                                             Spin On


AGPGC Oil Field  Supply will supply customized filtration packages for your requirements.


FILTRATION SYSTEMS                                                         STRAINERS
Compressed Air Systems                                                        Baskets
Filter Bag Systems                                                                   Duplex
Filter Panel System                                                                  Fabricated
Gravel Pack                                                                              Perforated & Screened
Jet Fuel Filtration                                                                     Simplex
Pipeline Filters                                                                         Tees
Vacuum System                                                                      Y Type