About Us


The Company

Abraham Global Petrochemical & Gas Co. (AGPGC) is an oil and  natural gas consulting firm that delivers wider range of energy solutions and petrochemicals to clients. These include Engineering, Procurement, marketing natural gas; Operating Construction (EPOC) Company servicing the chemical, oil and gas and power generating industries. For over many years, AGPGC has continue to access these services through major companies that rely on our experience and know-how on an ongoing basis.

AGPGC provides a wide spectrum of services all over the world. Our Client/companies services include the conceptual design of a project, feasibility studies and financial packaging, detailed engineering and design, equipment procurement, module fabrication, construction and installation, plant commissioning and startup and ongoing operations and maintenance of the completed plant and supporting facilities. AGPGC is responsive to the specific needs of your project. We can provide complete project support through our partners.

AGPGC can provide your company with a complete new grass roots plant with all support facilities, as well as the services to relocate and refurbish an existing plant and facilities, or a combination of both. Many times this allows the reduction of the overall project capital costs. AGPGC has specialized expertise in the cost effective relocation of existing facilities.

The Goal

AGPGC’s goal is to be the world leader in energy and petrochemical resourse provider and also provide our clients with a single source for oil and gas projects management, engineering, fabrication, construction, installation, operation and maintenance. We provide cost effective services in a timely manner, with complete respect for health, safety and environment in accordance with the Client’s corporate guidelines, project specifications and the prevailing law.

The Quality

Quality management begins in the boardroom and carries down to the craftsmen in the field. The end result is a better product for our Client and increased profit as a result of repeat business.

Our Quality program is based on various standards that have been developed through-out the years. These standards are continually updated to reflect the latest technology and industry standards. These standards include all codes, recommended practices, prudent engineering practices, applicable laws and regulations.

AGPGC is one the most diverse providers of professional technical services. We offer full spectrum support to the industrial, commercial and retained clients across multiple industrial markets. Services include technical services, procurements, construction, engineering and construction, industrial technical support, operation and maintenance.  Our primary markets include

  • Petrochemical and Refinery
  • Power Generation
  • Offshore oil and Gas
  • Pipeline services
  • Air Quality projects
  • Solids Handling
  • Waste and Water Treatment
  • Waste to power Generating Plant
  • Apart from provision of services in Oli & Gas sector of Nigeria economy, AGPGC has interest in empowerment of Nigerians through the local content initiatives of the Federal Government of Nigeria. AGPGC maintains a policy of recruitment and training of local personnel both within and outside Nigeria. Our other business interest includes among others – local contracting and subcontracting in the Nigeria Oil & Gas industry area with an international marketing and commercial support from its U.S parent company and affiliates. We supply heavy equipments, installation, commissioning of heavy equipment such as Oil field emergency response equipment and other specialized equipment such as, compactors, trailers, outdoor storage, tanks, bulk totes, marine spill control – reels, skimmers, pumps & accessories, swamps equipments etc.

Our goal is building professional and relationship that exceed time, AGPGC industrial partner have more than thirty eight years of experience. We are confident the deliver good products and services.